The selective compassion of Jo Cox

The selective compassion of Jo Cox

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Jo Cox wanted to make the world a better place and it was a cause for which she was willing to travel halfway across the globe. Whether consoling rape victims in Darfur or bombed out villagers in A…

2016-06-18 17:39:19

How can a Jewish lobby have 20 year old invoices from a defunct Nazi organisation, miraculously within hours of the attack?

2016-06-18 17:42:41

I'm guessing informers. Resulting from poor vetting of members with database access.

2016-06-18 18:03:10

Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe: Are the receipts forgeries used for anti-Brexit propaganda purposes?

2016-06-18 18:09:01

She consoled rape victims while she worked to fill England with rapists. Her death is a gain for England. #IStandWithEngland

2016-06-18 19:40:35

She just wanted to make the world a better place

2016-06-19 06:47:13

she'd have probably said rape is a form of love.. RIP

2016-06-19 09:28:54

Hitler wanted to make a better world.

2016-06-19 10:34:57

There will be many more of these. If Trump loses or #Brexit doesn't happen, it's all out civil war. Guaranteed.

2016-06-19 11:05:22

these fucking muzzies need to die,all of them,wipe em off the face of the earth,in the end she was killed by a muzzie

2016-06-19 11:09:26

They say a British "nationalist" ( #VoteLeave) killed her, but you're probably right, Bud.

2016-06-19 15:10:49

Jedenfalls ist es schwer verständlich, warum man von diesem Attentat seine Entscheidung abhängig machen sollte.

2016-06-19 15:15:17

Wenn man alle Tassen im Schrank hat,dann nicht.Die Propaganda lässt d Menschen aber "Mord"+"GB first"+"Brexit" fest assoziieren

2016-06-19 17:55:02

this is a must read

2016-06-19 18:45:25


2016-06-19 18:50:50 …

2016-06-19 18:52:30

and here wasme thinkin it was some crafty terminology!!!!

2016-06-19 19:20:21

How desperate you are. Those cases were NOT in her constituency, neighbouring MP's were already supporting victims

2016-06-19 19:23:30

the killer was the desperate one. Dont shoot or stab the messengers

2016-06-19 19:24:41

"except the white ones on her own back yard." isnt a message, its a vile inaccurate slur

2016-06-19 19:27:11

Have u got a single white rape victim, who asked #JoCox for support and was refused or ignored? #desperatewanker

2016-06-19 19:31:05

kindly send articles or facts, i will reconsider my position

2016-06-19 19:34:55

i cant send something that hasnt happened, thats y asked u: what "white rape victims" didnt she care for?

2016-06-19 19:47:26

anything i can usr to educate myself?

2016-06-19 19:49:07

yes, take my word, she would not have refused to support ANY rape victim of any colour

2016-06-19 20:19:22

this makes grim reading

2016-06-19 20:53:12

fucking cunt deserves a taste of her imported chocolate.

2016-06-20 01:20:26


2016-06-20 01:29:48

I take your point vicky it accords with mine bt I feel 1 shouldnt use someone who is no longer here to defend her actions

2016-06-20 01:58:35

What's to defend? Backed by Charities with bottom lines and bonuses to further the cause.

2016-06-20 02:48:24

:// …

2016-06-20 03:41:05

I still can't understand what happened. Some people are saying she was stabbed and shot, but why would a murderer do both?

2016-06-20 03:42:09

Surely if they had a gun they'd just use that, not a knife as well. None of this makes any logical sense

2016-06-20 04:26:32

it took her a while to die. She died in the arms of her assistant. Many stories not the same though.

2016-06-20 04:31:18

anyone to do. I would have thought you'd have to be trained to do something like that

2016-06-20 07:12:10

That's how every second NGO volunteer functions. In quieter moments I wonder what joy in life such tragedy hunters have.

2016-06-20 08:16:50

he was a Patsy, psychotically unhinged and socially awkward. There are no coincidences here. I'm guessing an MI5 handler set it up

2016-06-20 10:46:39


2016-06-20 10:56:47

Careful, you'll get labelled 'nazi' for that tweet. :(

2016-06-20 11:22:58

I'm past caring, people like her cause hell in the ME, she's got a serious amount of blood on her hands, the fact they pass

2016-06-20 11:25:33

themselves of as humanitarians is the biggest insult. the White Helmets are Al Qaeda, the Syrians hate them.

2016-06-20 12:21:50

They all work for the man's game ultimately. Just heard someone on R4 telling how she stood up to those nasty Russians.

2016-06-20 12:40:10

oh god the bullshit is unreal, people actually believe it too. The Dianafication of Britain.

2016-06-20 12:43:57

Apologies if you've already read this, bit it's the best I've read for a long long time. Via :// …

2016-06-20 12:45:54

no I've not read it, I'll read it now.

2016-06-20 12:55:18

Let me know what you think. I found it superb.

2016-06-20 15:44:00

al die linksgekken lijden aan een onverklaarbare vorm van zelfhaat

2016-06-20 15:50:45

ga toch weg met die haakjes man

2016-06-20 15:57:51

2016-06-20 15:58:11

Men had haar, indien waar, op aan moeten spreken toen dat nog mogelijk was. Nu is dit bericht mosterd na de maaltijd.

2016-06-20 16:08:42

Nee hoor. Relevante aantekening bij heilig verklaring.

2016-06-20 16:20:58

zo jaaaaaaa

2016-06-20 16:24:26

jullie zijn geen joden dus waarom zou je het uberhaupt doen

2016-06-20 16:26:10

teken van verzet

2016-06-20 16:36:00

tegen wat?

2016-06-20 16:37:26

islamisering van Europa en financieel uitknijpen van noordelijke westerse landen

2016-06-20 20:51:06

Horrible article and vile comments. Sickening.

2016-06-21 02:46:09

Oh, ik had die indruk nog niet. Ik heb dus blijkbaar iets gemist.

2016-06-21 05:00:25

Valt me zwaar tegen dat je zoiets roept, terwijl ze zich niet meer kan verdedigen tegen zo'n uitspraak/beschuldiging.

2016-06-21 05:02:00

Het is een link naar een stuk waarin dit uiteengezet wordt. Volgt na de dood van politicus heiligverklaring?

2016-06-21 05:02:32

Komaan Joost. Er is een jonge moeder vermoord door een extreemrechtse debiel. Moet dit punt nu per se nog gemaakt worden?

2016-06-21 05:04:25

Ja. Deze politica wordt als heilige ingezet bij het referendum. zie de Engelse pers. Deze kanttekening was inhoudelijk.

2016-06-21 05:04:46

Absoluut niet. Maar minimaal kans op een weerwoord, is wel heilig voor me Joost.

2016-06-21 05:06:10

Het is kritiek op Labour. Labour kan iets terugzeggen over Rotterham. Doen ze niet.

2016-06-21 05:08:54

Je had het bij Labour kunnen laten. In dit geval. Maar begrijp je punt.

2016-06-21 05:11:29

het is wel de waarheid, dat staat buiten de zieke daad die is gepleegd. Vind het juist moedig van Joost.

2016-06-21 05:12:23

Het gaat mij niet om haar persoon, maar om haar beleid. Rotterham is het verzwegen gevolg daarvan.

2016-06-21 05:19:46

Het gebeurt in NL ook, linkse politica die niets om eigen mishandelde kinderen geven. Patroon?

2016-06-21 05:23:04

2016-06-21 05:24:07

begrijp het.

2016-06-21 05:25:01


2016-06-21 15:06:26

An inconvenient truth is nonetheless the truth. Compellingly inciteful.

2016-06-21 15:14:12

over it now..? Why didn't # #LeeRigby get this much media coverage

2016-06-22 15:03:20

completely agree with the article. The type of person that would drag the uk into a dark abyss of multiculturalism and aliens

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